A Letter to my Daughter…Nov. 9, 2016

Hello my love,
I have to first say that I have been meaning to write you for some  time now. These last couple have months have been busy, and we have both been growing and changing quicker than I can keep up with in email.
Today though, is a difficult day, but important none the less. I have been struggling all day with what to say to you. How to explain this moment, and I fear I won’t have the words to adequately express what has happened, and more importantly what it means for us.
I have been a student of history for some time and have always been consumed by the politics of race, class and equity. Last night, 60 million people voted to elect Donald Trump to the presidency. I wonder how you will read about this in history books. What will they tell you about how a fascist, sexist, racist, homophobe was elected? Will they tell you how he hates women, assaults them and hurls insults? Will they tell you how he advocates for overt systems of oppression and marginalization? And more over will they tell you that he won because white people found in him the voice for generations of hibernating racists and voted him into office. Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise. He won because white people mobilized around his platform of hate, racism, and nationalism.  Over the last year, this man has spewed hateful rhetoric, sexist language and behavior and has lied so openly it is shocking. I wonder when you read this what moment in history we will find our selves in. I am hopeful that by the time you read this, you will not be limited by the color of your skin or the gender you have chosen and that we as people of color will have found a way to adequately respond.  I want you to know how we got here, because you are the future…we cannot repeat the mistakes of our past.
This country was stolen from indigenous people, brutally so. It was founded by white men, intent on building whatever empire they could on the basis of white supremacy, a false notion, but one that has been hard fought to maintain. Slavery, decimated cultures, families, histories, languages, and traditions. White privilege is alive and well, and still white supremacy holds the highest office in this land. I tell you all of this so as to ensure that you are not disillusioned, so that you know your history, and the importance of your place in the story of our family.
You are a woman of color. You come from what people call a broken home, but you are not broken. Do not be mistaken Paloma, you come from a line of ancestors who have been oppressed, silenced and marginalized but who have emerged as warriors. In everything that you endeavor to do, you remember where you came from, the women before you and the ancestors who died so that you could live. I don’t know what happens from here. The world and this country are a terrifying place. If we look to history, we know that there is something awful coming. I promise to always protect you, teach you and love you. But more importantly, I am preparing you to become the woman you were meant to be. You have my spirit burning inside of you…you have my legs, but you will use yours more efficiently, you have my eyes, but you will see more clearly than I ever have, and you have my heart, but yours is stronger because I have endured for you the pain from the lessons of  heartbreak that you don’t need to experience. I have gone through it all, so that you don’t have to.
Never be afraid to confront injustice, never be afraid to speak the truth, and never ever let anyone break your spirit. I have taught you by know, everything you need to harness the power within you. You are magic.
There will be people who try to silence you. Never let them take your voice. And when you encounter someone who doesn’t have a voice, you lend them yours P. Always align yourself on the side of justice, and you will never fail. Be kind P, because there is already enough hate in the world. Never dull your senses, because you always need to be about your wits. Always. You do not have the privilege of failure, or the cushion of wealth and whiteness to soften your landing.
Remember what I have taught you.
I love you more than you could ever know. You are the most magnificent human Paloma Bloom.

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